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Female Surgeons

Why Do Female Surgeons Have Better Surgical Outcomes? New Studies

Studies suggest female surgeons have better outcomes and fewer complications. What's behind this trend? Are female surgeons better?

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Cadmium and Endometriosis

What Causes Endometriosis: Cadmium Could Increase Your Endometriosis Risk

No one knows what causes endometriosis, but research suggests cadmium levels may indicate a person's endometriosis risk level.

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Ovarian Cyst vs Appendicitis

Ovarian Cyst vs Appendicitis: Why Do I Have Abdominal Pain?

Having right side abdominal pain? There are many potential causes of pelvic pain. Learn the difference between ovarian cyst pain and appendicitis.

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What I wish I knew before hysterectomy?

8 Things You’ll Wish You’d Known Before Your Hysterectomy

Getting a hysterectomy is a big decision. Here are 8 things patients should know before deciding on a hysterectomy.

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Robotic vs laparoscopic hysterectomy

Why Robotic Gynecological Surgery Isn’t Your Best Option

Robotic hysterectomies are growing in popularity, but are they really better than laparoscopic hysterectomies? Top gynecological surgeons discuss.

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Hysterectomy Recovery Time

Hysterectomy Recovery Time: Why It’s Best Not to Rush It

Minimally-invasive laparoscopic hysterectomies have shorter recovery times, but trying to rush your hysterectomy recovery time can lead to major problems.

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