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Hysterectomy Recovery Time

Hysterectomy Recovery Time: Why It’s Best Not to Rush It

Minimally-invasive laparoscopic hysterectomies have shorter recovery times, but trying to rush your hysterectomy recovery time can lead to major problems.

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Women and Alzheimer's

Losing Your Mind: Why Women Have Higher Risk of Dementia

Two-thirds of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are women: why? Women are at higher risk of dementia than men, how does women's health connect to dementia?

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Misdiagnosis women’s health

You’re Not Crazy: Doctors Do Misdiagnose Women More Often

While "hysteria" is no longer a diagnosis, women are still often misdiagnosed as "emotional." Why does it take 5-10 years to be accurately diagnosed?

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Diet soda and heart disease

Could Drinking Diet Soda Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke?

Is diet soda actually healthy? Studies are split, but many have shown a link between artificial sweeteners in diet soda and heart disease and stroke risk.

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African American Women and Fibroids

African-American Women More Likely to Have Fibroids, Less Likely to Have Minimally-Invasive Surgery

African American women are more likely to have uterine fibroids, but are also less likely to have minimally-invasive fibroid treatments. Learn more.

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Tubal Litigation - Tubes Tied

Grappling With Tubal Ligation in a Post-Roe v. Wade World

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, women's health centers are seeing a spike in questions about sterilization. Learn more about this permanent option.

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