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Women and Alzheimer's

Losing Your Mind: Why Women Have Higher Risk of Dementia

Two-thirds of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are women: why? Women are at higher risk of dementia than men, how does women's health connect to dementia?

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Misdiagnosis women’s health

You’re Not Crazy: Doctors Do Misdiagnose Women More Often

While "hysteria" is no longer a diagnosis, women are still often misdiagnosed as "emotional." Why does it take 5-10 years to be accurately diagnosed?

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Diet soda and heart disease

Could Drinking Diet Soda Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke?

Is diet soda actually healthy? Studies are split, but many have shown a link between artificial sweeteners in diet soda and heart disease and stroke risk.

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Family Medical History

Why Is Your Family Health History Worth Knowing?

Recent studies show many people don't know their family health history. Why is family health history important and how does it impact your own healthcare?

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Sex After Hysterectomy

Can you still have an orgasm after a hysterectomy? Yes!

Before a hysterectomy, it's common to worry about the impact on your sex life. Worry not! Sex after hysterectomy may even be better than before.

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Dr. Aliabadi and Dr. Yera

Welcome to Outpatient Hysterectomy Center’s New Blog!

Welcome to the new blog of the Outpatient Hysterectomy Center, home of the best minimally invasive laparoscopic gynecological surgeries.

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