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Endometriosis vs interstitial cystitis

Identifying Pelvic Pain: Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis

Bladder pain is a possible symptom of endometriosis. It is also the primary symptom of interstitial cystitis. What is causing your bladder pain?

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Period Pain vs Endometriosis

Period Pain vs. Endometriosis: What’s Actually Causing My Abdominal Pain?

When is abdominal pain abnormal? Learn how to distinguish between normal period pain and endometriosis pain.

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Cadmium and Endometriosis

What Causes Endometriosis: Cadmium Could Increase Your Endometriosis Risk

No one knows what causes endometriosis, but research suggests cadmium levels may indicate a person's endometriosis risk level.

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Ovarian Cyst vs Appendicitis

Ovarian Cyst vs Appendicitis: Why Do I Have Abdominal Pain?

Having right side abdominal pain? There are many potential causes of pelvic pain. Learn the difference between ovarian cyst pain and appendicitis.

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Women and Alzheimer's

Losing Your Mind: Why Women Have Higher Risk of Dementia

Two-thirds of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are women: why? Women are at higher risk of dementia than men, how does women's health connect to dementia?

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Misdiagnosis women’s health

You’re Not Crazy: Doctors Do Misdiagnose Women More Often

While "hysteria" is no longer a diagnosis, women are still often misdiagnosed as "emotional." Why does it take 5-10 years to be accurately diagnosed?

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